Since 1973, Landon Enterprises has been developing real estate in both the United States and Canada, and is most commonly known for its development of retail and residential projects in and around the Denver Metro Area. Enhancing neighborhoods, improving communities and creating space that people will enjoy and frequent is what Landon Enterprises does best!

Landon Enterprises enjoys building and refining real estate, but they also take immense pleasure in creating space that guarantees community pride! Broadway Central and The Mayan Theatre are two examples of the historic renovations of which Landon Enterprises is proud to be involved.

Broadway Central

Locations like the corner of Sixth Avenue and Broadway don’t come along very often, and this historic building with a great location, unique architecture and fantastic structure offered many opportunities. It would take the right developer to enhance this site, resurrect this property and make it functional once again.

The former home of the Leeman Brothers Automotive Showroom, this building was also home to Apple Plumbing. Built in 1932 by Harry B. Leeman, the Leeman Auto Company Building was an expression of the Art Deco style, and had been selected in order to impress prospective buyers with its state-of-the art showroom. This building was far too valuable to lose to a Rite Aid Drug Store demolition when it was put on the market by the owner of Apple Plumbing. At this point, Landon Enterprises purchased the building and began building the dream of Broadway Central.

Landon Enterprises, along with their general contractor and partner on Broadway Central, Starker Construction, and The Mulhern Group, architects, were able to create a development that complemented the surrounding neighborhoods, saved the existing building and brought value and charm to the location. Broadway Central is a retail and food center, complete with underground parking, a bubbling fountain and beautiful patio area.

After a great deal of restoration and rehabilitation, Broadway Central’s interior is complete with the modern conveniences that today’s businesses demand, while the exterior of the building captures the spirit and flare of the retro-deco era.

This commercial development has won numerous awards and has received an abundance of recognition. It is currently listed on the National Historic Register.

Landon Enterprises sold Broadway Central in 2005.

The Mayan Theatre

Today, the Mayan Theatre is recognized by the city as a Landmark. However, at one point in recent history a wrecking ball quietly blew in the breeze while waiting to demolish this now fully-operational movie house.

Landon Enterprises became involved with the restoration and rehabilitation of the Mayan Theatre just moments before the Mayan was to be turned into a parking lot. A call from the then-Mayor, Federico Pena, to Landon Enterprises turned out to be the call that saved the theatre from destruction. Quick thinking and many phone calls later, the wrecking ball was lowered to the ground and driven away. The Mayan was saved, the initial terms of a deal had been struck, and all that was left was the work to be done.

Landon Enterprises began the renovation on the Mayan, and in 1987 the work was complete. Today, the property is a successful movie theatre that is loved by the surrounding neighborhoods. The Mayan Theatre enjoys the notoriety of being one of only five Mayan-designed theatres in existence today. This development is currently listed on the National Historic Register.